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Keystone Energy, LLC is an upstream exploration and production company focused on the acquisition, development and operational improvement of oil properties in both wildcat prospects and in mature oil fields.   Keystone uses the newest technologies to identify and develop new reserves, unlock incremental reserves and improve recovery efficiencies.  

Keystone also provides land and geological services to oil companies and oil related investments to accredited investors.  

Keystone is always on the look out to purchase reasonably priced stripper wells and mature oil fields. 


Keystone offers services in the oil and gas industry including, but not limited to, the following:
*  Prospect generation, identification, definition, & lease checks;
*  Title examination, Mineral Ownership Reports, Surface and Mineral Ownership Plats & Maps;
*  Seismic Title & Permit Acquisition;
*  Lease Negotiations, Preparation & Acquisition;
*  Build Title Abstracts & Perform Title Curative;
*  Drilling Unit Inspection Reports;
*  Surface Damage Settlements;
*  Land Farming Agreements:
*  Minerals Management;
*  Land Matter Consulting:
*  Drilling Consulting; 
*  Geophysical Consulting; and
*  Provide Oil & Gas Investment Opportunities to Accredited Investors.